Guide to creating your book

Setting up your book takes seconds!

Simply choose a book title, cover image, who its for and your deadline.  It's a good idea to give contributors 2-3 weeks to gather content, but you can change all details at any time by visiting the 'Settings' wheel in your page.

Be the first to share your story

Post a message or a photo by going to 'Share Story' or 'Add Photos' section of your page.  You can really set an example for the type of contributions you're looking for by going first.

Invite friends on your own terms

Share your StoryStarter page whichever way works for you by going to the 'Invite' section.  Simply copy paste your unique link using your favourite messaging app, use our 'Share the Page' options or send an email.

1. Start & Invite Friends

2. Collect Photos & Stories

Invitees can post and keep inviting others

All friends you invite get to invite their own friends.  You can create a great book with just 7-8 contributors.  But, it's always a good idea to get the recipient's 2-3 closest friends to invite their circle to maximise reach.

Manage friends' posts to meet your deadline

As you approach your deadline, you can nudge your invitees along to finalise their contributions.  Just go to 'Message Group' section to send a reminder or to give some ideas for what they could write about.

Post as many times as you'd like and for others

There's absolutely no limit to how many times you can post!  As you think of new stories or find forgotten pictures just come back and add.  We'll send you a warning to cut back if your contributions exceed 200 pages. 




3. We Print & Ship Your Book

Our online Editor puts the StoryStarter in full control

Once your deadline arrives as the StoryStarter you can go to Editor mode to revise the layout and edit chapters and posts as you wish.  Just make sure all contributions are in, since there won't be opportunity to add more later.

Preview a FREE copy before ordering and share with friends

You can preview the PDF version by 'Re-generating' your book.  Edit the layout and content as many times as you'd like, and share with your contributors as a way to say thanks.

Get your printed copies delivered anywhere within 1 week

We will ship your book globally within 1 week.  Order as many copies as you'd like or just ask your friends to come and visit your page to order a copy of their own.

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