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1. Create your page - set up is easy and quick

2. Share the link with friends and family -  copy the link to Whatsapp / email / Facebook

3. Print a book full of memories - ship worldwide within 1 week

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Gift Book

Capture their timeless love story

Reunion Gift Book

Relive the glory and share what you've been up to


Gift Book

Make the biggest 

milestones count

Memorial Gift Book

Help keep their memory alive forever

Anniversary Gift Book

Celebrate their

life together

Leaving Do Gift Book

Send them off on their next adventure in style

Thank You Gift Book

Remind them how

special they are

Year End 

Gift Book

Surprise them with your shared 2017 moments

What people are saying

Mum's 70th Birthday

"I really was very surprised - and so touched that I cried for two days as I read all the messages! A really heartfelt thank you for my birthday book."

- Janet

Community Thank You

“Guys, just want to place on record my thanks and gratitude for capturing the spirit and essence of what Launch22 is about. It means a hell of a lot and will be treasured!”

- Eddie

Wedding Surprise

“Our book was our favourite wedding gift. So many memories. We both read it from front to back on our wedding night!”

- Judith & Justin

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